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Cyber Security News Perspectives

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Head of Defence, Louise Percival

March 8,2024

On International Women’s Day, we asked i3Secure’s Head of Defence, Louise Percival to tell us…

Cyber Security Insights News

Safeguarding the MOD Core Network – The Roles and Responsibilities of a JSP 604 Case Officer 

June 6,2023

We asked experienced JSP 604 Case Officer and i3Secure Consultant Lee Close what it's like working in the role and what sort of expertise is necessary to navigate the intricacies of this rule set.

Cyber Security ISO News

The new ISO 27001:2022 Standard and what it means for your organisation

November 7,2022

On Tuesday 25 October 2022, an update to the ISO/IEC 27001 main Standard was published.


Cyber Security Insights

Oldsmar – under the radar, but a breach you need to know about

May 17,2021

Oldsmar, a small city near Tampa, Florida, scene of perhaps one of the most under published but…

Cyber Security Guidance

Safer Internet Day 2021 – The Top 3 things organisations and individuals can do to stay safe

February 9,2021

Safer Internet Day happens annually on the 9th of February and this year will be celebrated with…

Cyber Security Insights Software

Secure Application Development – A CISO’s Perspective

December 14,2020

For almost six years I worked across one of the UK’s largest global outsourcing companies,…

Cyber Security

Why Cyber Health Is Crucial

December 9,2020

Security incidents and data breaches as a subject have become incredibly wide in scope….

Cyber Security Insights

Why does Ransomware keep appearing in your news feed?

December 9,2020

Ransomware is not new, it is not like a Zero-day vulnerability where nobody knows it’s coming,…

Cyber Security Insights

The Pivotal Role of Cyber Security in Maintaining Customer Trust

September 20,2020

The average cost of a data breach in the UK is a huge $3.88 million or just under £3…

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