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Published on: August 8,2021 Published in: Insights

Are you thinking of implementing ISO 27001 in your business? Have you been tasked with managing such a project? Do you know the benefits of implementing ISO 27001? There are many and varied reasons why you might be reading this article, but we can almost guarantee one consistent thread – ISO 27001 Certification is firmly on your radar (or it definitely should be).

Read on to find out how we, at i3Secure, can help.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes best practice for an ISMS (information security management system). Achieving ISO 27001 certification verifies that your company’s information security is managed in line with international best practice. It is widely recognised throughout the world in many different industries as a indication that a business has a strong information security posture.

The business case for implementing an ISMS conformant to the Standard is unique to each business, but generally benefits include:

What are the benefits of implementing ISO 27001?

  • Helping businesses meet requirements for frameworks
  • Provides supplier assurance to customers
  • Reduces risk from Cyber Attack & Data Breaches
  • Drives efficiencies
  • Hardens security posture
  • Improves security culture

How long does it take to become certified?

ISO 27001 Certification is a two-stage process, it takes on average 3 months for a business to become certified once we have begun an engagement. Information Security Management Systems are as unique as businesses are, therefore, each management system needs to be tailored to every individual business. i3Secure have a tried and tested methodology to ensure certification is achieved in an efficient way. We work with existing baselines for information security and make changes only where necessary. All crafted bespoke information security management systems are implemented in a way that minimises disruption to business activities whilst achieving lasting quality.

Why should I consider implementing ISO 27001?

Aside from the numerous benefits listed above, certification provides resilience. It is an Internationally recognised standard for managing information security and therefore any organisation certified to it highlights itself as being committed to information security best practice. Certification provides assurance to staff, suppliers and customers alike that their data is in safe hands. Implementing such a system is possible at any stage of a business life – cycle, early adopters gain the additional benefit of maturing their system as the business grows, this helps to embed a security aware culture that has multiple benefits – staff become adept at managing security risk routinely and this can help circumvent problems relating to siloed security approaches.

Why use i3Secure to implement ISO 27001?

At i3Secure we have a strong team of Cyber Security & Data Protection consultants, inclusive of ISO 27001 Lead Implementers and Lead Auditors. This means we have consultants that are suitably qualified and experienced to guide you through to Certification, right from the inception of your security hardening project. Because our consultants also conduct third-party audits on behalf of several leading Certification Bodies in the UK and the US, they have a unique insight that is used to help customers navigate the pitfalls of implementation.

Not only do we help other organisations achieve certification, we practice what we preach – i3Secure is also certified to ISO 27001 and are currently looking at certifying to other Standards.

ISO 27001 not only provides a business with assurance but can be used as a competitive differentiator

What companies have you helped implement ISO 27001?

We have helped numerous organisations implement ISO 27001, from SME’s to Enterprise organisations, from private sector clients to Health Care Trusts. Over recent months our consultants have worked with iForce Group. iForce are one of the UK’s leading supply chain management businesses and part of the Eddy Stobart Group, they have been working behind the scenes to help clients make the most of multi-channel retail for over 20 years. iForce Group approached i3Secure in late 2020 having already been through Stage 1 audits with their chosen Certification Body. iForce, like many other businesses we have worked with, wanted to ensure they were successful at Stage 2 audits which they had booked for Feb 2021.

i3Secure consultants quickly got to work, taking an existing framework and developing it into a fully functioning Information Security Management System that met the requirements of the Standard. Our consultants assisted with information security risk management, business continuity, incident management, and the creation of policies and standards to name just a few areas. One of our consultants was present during external certification audits which lasted several days, to guide the business through, helping to answer those difficult questions to support the iForce team. iForce Group successfully passed their Certification audit with flying colours.

Ongoing support can ensure certification never lapses

iForce commented “i3Secure reacted very quickly to our needs and produced quality output around readiness for ISO 27001 certification”.

What about ongoing support following certification?

One of our service lines is “Information Security Manager as a Service” or ISMaaS. This service line centres around the provision of ongoing support and maintenance to your ISMS. Our consultants can provide:

  • Internal audit
  • Management Reviews
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity services
  • Incident Management

The first step is agreeing with you how many days per month is required to maintain your ISMS. This typically ranges from 2-4 days per month, but is dependent upon company size and sites in scope for example.

Our consultants, once provided with access to relevant business information systems, will manage your ISMS for you, ensuring you continue to meet the requirements if ISO 27001.

You can also found out more about ISO 27001 Consultancy and our tailored approach here.

How to speak to us about similar implementation projects?

Contact us on 03301332617 or use the form below to submit an enquiry.

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