Remembrance Day: What it means to the team

Published on: November 11,2022 Published in: Forces Friendly News Perspectives

On Remembrance Day we pay tribute to those who gave their lives to serve our country while defending our values and freedoms, and we honour those who continue to serve today.  

With many of the i3Secure team having served in the Armed Forces, we shall also remember the sacrifices made by our own colleagues, friends, and family, for the benefit of us all.

In their own words, Veterans and i3Secure Consultants Darryl Adams and Ady Cooper and Andy Blake reflect on what Remembrance Day means for them.

“Remembrance day is a special time of year for so many of us. Almost everyone has been touched by the pain of war or knows someone who has. It’s easy to forget the past and just live our lives in security and safety that we do today.

It’s so important that we remember, learn and don’t make the same mistakes. The freedom we have today was paid for by the sacrifices of others.

We will remember and tell their story.”

Andy Blake

“Remembrance Day is to remember all those who volunteered, sacrificed, served, fought, and died, for our freedom, including all the families who have sacrificed and supported those personnel. We thank and salute those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget. We will remember you.”

Darryl Adams

“For me every day is Remembrance Day. It is very important to me to reflect and remember all those that have gone before and have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of us all. I, like all of the Veteran community, will be standing proud on Remembrance Sunday amongst my Brothers and Sisters. We will remember them.”

Ady Cooper

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