CISO as a Service

Chief Information Security Officer – A practical and cost-effective solution for an ongoing security presence

We embed senior security leadership into your organisation to bring a security lens to your vision, providing a more integrated, strategic partner – one that is better aligned to the business.

For a specific engagement or as a managed service

Your Dedicated CISO

Our CISOaaS provision supports your business resilience, provides security guidance to senior management and drives an organisation’s information security programme. 

We provide you with a board-level individual with extensive experience from a wide range of sectors who is accountable and responsible for overseeing a range of technical and process security controls within your business.

Your dedicated CISO is also supported by our team of senior cyber security professionals with access to our repository of cyber security know-how, technologies and processes with the sole aim of improving your security posture. 


why outsource your CISO?

CISO as a Service: A Flexible and Competent Solution to Your Cyber Security Requirements

  • Access to expertise and experienced specialist cyber security professionals not available internally.
  • Eliminate the key person dependency risks associated with internal staff.
  • Gain an independent and objective perspective of your business to support your business goals. 
  • Enables you to focus on core business objectives
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What Will Your CISO Do?

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Develop and oversee the implementation of the Cyber Security Strategy and roadmap for your organisation

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Review legacy software and develop plans for remediation in conjunction with internal teams and 3rd party suppliers

Advise on remediation of security-related vulnerabilities and generate or improve current policies

Liaise with key stakeholders such as the DPO and board to ensure regular reporting is maintained

Support compliance with the UK GDPR and UK DPA

Work with relevant departments to ensure suitable change control is in place to maintain levels of availability.

Lead a programme of continuous improvement in response to the changing security threats and risk profile

Provide knowledge transfer to in-house teams

What Our Clients Say

“The i3Secure consultant responsible for delivering our CISOaaS, he has been exemplary. He has completely focused on the Trust’s needs rather than any third-party commercial drivers. His integrity, knowledge, ability and flexibility to go above and beyond have been second to none. I am thoroughly satisfied with the solution provided and would not hesitate in recommending it.”


University Hospitals North Midlands


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